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System error is , number of errors is .


Task period is .
Number of emails received is .

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Sun angle is , Sun brightness is , Sun radiation is 0 W/m².
Moon score is .
Temperature outside is .


Occupied mode is (zones: ,,); Guest occupancy is .
Authorization level is .
Vacation mode is .
Sleep mode is with Hunter .

House Devices

HVAC: Sleep is , Zone1 is , Zone2 is .
Light Era is , Light Scene is .
Audio system set to .
Number of doorbells today is .

Zone1 Devices

Living room shade is .
Cove light is and Cove heater is .
Tasting room TV is .

Zone2 Devices

Bedroom main shades are , and east shade is .
Bedroom RGB color is .
Bedroom TV is .
Bedroom mattress warming is .
Media room RGB color is and theater lights are .
Media room main TV is and satellite TV is .
Media room Gaming PC is .
Office fragrance box is .

Outdoor Devices

Outdoor occupancy is .
Spa status is with spa power state being .


Liam rack power is , SelfState power is
Media room rack power is .
Gaming PC power is .
Spa power is .

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Cabin occupancy is .
Moon score is .

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