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Weight As of 9/19/2019, weight is 174.4 and bodyfat is estimated 29.1. Current BMI is Overweight at 26.5.
Goal max weight is 175.0.
Previous 5 weighings: 7/30-173.7, 8/9-174.7, 8/19-174.6, 8/30-173.4, 9/9-174.8.
Goal achieved and based on 3 wk trend, goal will be maintained.
Goal achieved but based on 13 wk trend, goal broken in 13wks.
Goal achieved but based on 157 wk trend, goal broken in 157wks.
Steps Today 85 steps (0.0 mi) have been taken, or 3% of daily goal of 2500 steps (1.0 mi). 2415 steps needed. Last change 105 min ago.
This week 19296 steps (7.7 mi) have been taken, or 110% of weekly goal of 17500 steps (7.0 mi).
Since 93% of week has passed, weekly progress is on plan.
Previous 7 days: Sat-1246, Sun-482, Mon-3856, Tue-1152, Wed-6131, Thu-3457, Fri-4133.
Based on the last 21 days, daily goal is being missed by 1522 steps on average.
Activities This week, Weight lifting done for 30min, or 100% of goal of 30min.
This week, Stretching done for 0min, or 0% of goal of 10min. Need 10min.
This week, Cardio done for 0min, or 0% of goal of 22min. Need 22min.
Since 93% of week passed, Weight lifting on plan. Stretching behind plan by 93%. Cardio behind plan by 93%.
Over last 5 days: Wed-Weight lifting 15min, Thu-Weight lifting 15min.
Based on previous 3wk, on avg, Weight lifting on target, Stretching on target, Cardio behind by 15min.
Sleep Actual sleep time last night was 7hrs 38min. Awoke 0 times. Was awake 73 min.
Time to fall asleep was 0 min and time in bed was 8hrs 51min. Sleep efficiency was 86%.
Sleep quality was Good.
Over last 7 days, average actual sleep time has been 7hrs 47min. On average, awoke or restless 0 times a night totaling 71 min.
Took average of 0 min to fall asleep.
Sleep quality on average has been Good, occurring Good 5 days out of 7.
Life Timeline

There are an estimated 25 years, 183 days, 5 hours, 6 minutes, 58 seconds of life remaining.

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Net Worth
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Outlook Not authorized to see Outlook table and commentary.

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