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Tahl's at Non-landmark location. Hunter's at SF Home.
Out is 59.9°, chill 59.9°. Foggy. Forecast: Rest of today...Partly cloudy late in the morning then becoming sunny. Highs in the upper 50s to lower 70s.
Currently, SFHome using -1594W of power. 8984Wh of net power was generated today.
Activity: Need 30min of Weight lifting; behind in weekly plan by 21%. Need 10min of Stretching; behind in weekly plan by 21%. Need 22min of Cardio; behind in weekly plan by 21%.
Sleep: Actual sleep time last night was 7hrs 20min. Awoke 0 times. Was awake 71 min. Sleep quality was Good.

Last heard from Hunter today at 11:25. Guestroom occupancy is Unoccupied.
Recv 3 email(s) today. Sent 4 email(s) today.

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7/21/2019 20:14 Blog "I guess I'm not one to sit around all the time! Anywho, in the last c..." (see details)
7/20/2019 16:35 Cam:
Cabin  Cabin  Cabin  
7/20/2019 16:05 Cam:
Cabin  Cabin  Cabin  Cabin  Cabin  Cabin  
7/18/2019 14:05 Blog "From: @tahl_biz..." (see details)
7/18/2019 12:36 Blog "From: @tahl_biz..." (see details)
7/18/2019 11:08 Blog "From: @tahl_net..." (see details)
7/16/2019 13:10 Blog "From: @tahl_biz..." (see details)
7/15/2019 18:52 Tom Siebel at Commonwealth Club:
Tom Siebel at Commonwealth Club  
7/15/2019 15:45 Blog "From: @tahl_biz..." (see details)
7/12/2019 15:03 Blog "From: @tahl_biz..." (see details)
7/11/2019 14:23 Hiroki sleeping:
Hiroki sleeping  
7/9/2019 12:17 Visit to Salesforce Tower:
Visit to Salesforce Tower  
7/9/2019 12:14 Visit to Salesforce Tower:
Visit to Salesforce Tower  Visit to Salesforce Tower  
7/9/2019 12:12 Visit to Salesforce Tower:
Visit to Salesforce Tower  
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